About Solana Solutions

The founding members of Solana Solutions began their careers in the solar industry over a decade ago, and, over time, they found that they shared a few common values: a long term commitment to their customers, and a long term commitment to green and renewable energy. Those common values brought them together again and again. Those values also distinguished them among a community that often saw solar energy as a way to make a quick buck or as an extension to a more developed business.


Determined to deliver a high-quality customer experience with best-in-class materials and services, the team formed Solana Solutions in 2013. The vision was simple, to deliver every part of the  installation process from sales to financing to installation with integrity and  accountability. The idea was as novel then as it is now because most sales organizations do not provide installations, and most installers have no long term relationships with the end customers.

By taking on the entire process, Solana Solutions made it easy for their customers to lower their carbon footprint, and ensured a high value experience at every point.


Today, Solana Solutions is a leading seller and installer of green energy solutions in Southern California. Our mission is to help California achieve net zero carbon emissions through green energy and renewable solutions. In pursuit of that mission we have been recognized by industry and civic organizations for our excellence in quality and service, and we have installed solar solutions for a wide range of public facilities, businesses and residences. We are grateful to our customers, our staff, and suppliers for their partnership in reducing Southern California’s carbon emissions.


Solana Solutions